This website/Blog – Objectives: share nice things, provide step by step help with online buying, computer stuff, and Information taming – to a carefree life!

  • The computer related topics are mainly for some who would find them useful and not for computer savvy persons, but hope all would like my sharings on niceties.
  • I do not claim what I put here are 100% correct or work (all the time) although I’ve tested most of them myself.  Apart from my own experience and step guides I share, I do not claim originality in most – I stumble across something (or receive something from friends like you) I like and I share; and if you like, hope you’d share my website and blog too.

  •  All things I share here are either original or obtained from the internet which I believe are royalty-free and not infringing on intellectual property right, if anyone find the contrary, please inform me and I will delete such immediately.

  •  Started in Feb 2015.  Initially, it’d look like an unfinished book as I build the various topics with new posts (on more advanced topics), so please bear with me and do return for new stuff.


2011 Europe 0713Me – love simple and nice things, to share and help.  Nice things I enjoy include travel, movie and music.

  •  I’m a Chinese who spent most of my time in Hong Kong,  I write in simple and terse form, mostly in English but may include some Chinese as appropriate.  I live in Sydney, Hong Kong, and previously in London.  I’ve recently retired but my previous work have taken me to places in China, US and SE Asia.
  •  I won’t sell you stuff and the few things/tools I promote here from my personal experience are free (except if you pursue the premium version of one).

  • My computer set up, gadgets (so hopefully I can answer questions re these platforms)-

    Desktop – iMac 27″ with fusion drive, Archgon external DVD drive

    Backup – Western Digital MyCloud 4TB; Synology NAS DS212j

    Mobile – Samsung Note 3, iphone

    Tablets – iPad, Samsung 7.9″ Note (Android), Asus Pad 8 tablet

    Calvin Lam

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