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Evernote 1

For all my Notes of anything/everything I think would be useful or worthy of future reference, I use Evernote 印象笔记.  Evernote was started in mid 2008 in English, got it’s Chinese version in 2011 and from...

Info Taming 2 0

Info Taming 2

Before I go into the actual tool itself (which is the easiest part), I’d like to dwell on how you can successfully and effectively use such information management tool, be it the one I’m...

Harddisk formats for Mac and Windows 0

Harddisk formats for Mac and Windows

Harddisk backups are indispensable (see my other discussion) and completely affordable nowadays.  Say you got yourself an external harddisk and want to format it, what are the choices especially that you got a Mac...


Too much info

If you’re like me who usually come across something which you’d like to refer to in the future, but when the time comes, you cannot find it.  Then read on….