Author: Calvin Lam


Cool, want one?

Electric car the size of a notebook- I always wanted something like this when I was running late (always!) getting to College across the Kensington Garden.  Interested? – I certainly am as I’m already...


Chrome OS and Computers

Many just use their computers for online access- email and see their attachments (photos, videos, doc, spreadsheets, powerpoint…), browsing online, WhatsApp, ….  Something which you normally do it on your mobile but wants to...

Is 30,000 Days Long? 一輩子,僅僅30,000天! 0

Is 30,000 Days Long? 一輩子,僅僅30,000天!

Sounds incredible?  I reproduced below a recent sharing.  Well, that’s why I’ve been travelling in July and hence no posting for a while :-), we’d all treasure and have a carefree life. 一輩子,僅僅30000天! 一輩子,三萬天。...