Thucydides Trap – are China and America destined for war?

Calvin Lam

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4 Responses

  1. Wing Lau says:

    Though he is talking about environmental issue. But in the interview what Obama said clearly reflected the threats of China’s development to America.,

    You know if you talk to Chinese leaders I think they will acknowledge immediately that if over a billion Chinese citizens have the same living patterns as Australians and Americans do right now then all of us are in for a very miserable time, the planet just can’t sustain it, so they understand that they’ve got to make a decision about a new model that is more sustainable that allows them to pursue the economic growth that they’re pursuing while at the same time dealing with these environmental consequences.

    • Calvin Lam says:

      Thanks for the comments. Obama’s reply was careful and made sense. China obviously need to face the environmental problems created as collateral damage over the past decades as a result of rapid economical growth, I sincerely hope that the Chinese leaders have the wisdom and vision to tackle them. I have not been following much in details of what China has actually done in this respect, but Xi’s recent commitment and reaffirmation of the Paris Accord upon Trump’s deserting the same seems encouraging. Let’s hope a sustainable solution can be found and acted upon.

  2. peter says:

    China & US ,never war each other.
    1:China it is a old nation wiith 5000 years culture background ,US it is nothing at all.
    2;Chinese love peaceful never war at overseas , expect Korea War & Vintem war.
    3:China rise up with economic development in the global market.
    4:China make successful with “One road and One Belt” strategy plan.
    5: China will be leader the world at last.

    US just like war with other country in the world is from world war 2., until now war with Korea war.MENA war.Vintem war.Afghanistan war.Africa war at all.USA love war at worldwild otherwise the US military industry stop out off order.the game is over.
    USA will be corporation with China.there is no any war happen US/China.

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