Safest Airlines 2017

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  1. 2017-01-19

    […] Direct Flights – Nowadays from Hong Kong, there are many direct flights from HK Express, HK airline, e.g.  to places which were not connected directly from Hong Kong before – these include Hiroshima, Kagoshima, Ishigaki, Takamatsu, … typically 3 times a week. So there are now plenty of choices and ways to do open-jaw travels and reducing back-tracking.  And these low-cost budget airlines do offer very attractive prices too, even cheaper than Cathay fanfares. E.g. I found  many budget airlines to be efficient and punctual too and their seat comfortability standard to be on par with regular airlines, also see my blog post on airline safety including budget airlines. […]

  2. 2017-06-22

    […] Safest Airlines 2017 […]

  3. 2018-02-17

    […] year since 2016 (see here from my 2016 post and here for 2017 one), I blogged about top ranked airlines from 2 sources – and JADEC. […]

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